Infant Feeding 101: Breaking down breastfeeding and formula

Episode #6

Infant Feeding 101: Breaking down breastfeeding and formula

Hayley gets personal as she shares her own candid experience with breastfeeding and formula, how she decided which was right for her, and the major physical and emotional toll of postpartum. In the second half of the episode, Jess breaks down everything you need to know about feeding your newborn and baby with confidence: the benefits of breastmilk, destigmatizing formula, how to know if your baby’s getting enough, when and how to give a bottle, mastitis, nutrition for mom and baby, increasing your supply, and what to look for when choosing a formula.

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Episode Notes:
Donor Milk: It’s important to find donated milk from a trusted source as breastmilk sold over the internet is strongly discouraged by the Academy of Breastfeedings 2017 Position Statement because the donor is unknown, the donors health is not screened, and the breastmilk is often not safely handled in the process of sharing. Below are some trusted resources. It is also always advised to ask your healthcare provider (OB-GYN, primary care physician, midwife, and/or certified lactation consultant).
Human Milk 4 Human Babies

You can also donate your breastmilk for critically ill or premature infants to thrive at Prolacta.

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