The Best Infant Formulas for Your Baby: Our Top Picks

Whether you are formula feeding from the start or need to supplement your breastfed baby with formula, here’s our top four formulas we love!

The Best Infant Formulas for Your Baby: Our Top Picks

Written by: Jessica Diamond, MPH, RDN

Whether you are formula feeding from the start or need to supplement your breastfed baby with formula, here’s our top formulas we love! There are so many other great formulas out there besides these, but these are a great starting place when looking for a standard formula. Remember, every baby and family is different, so pick a formula that works best for you and your baby.

  1. Bobbie: This is a newer, USA made, and organic infant formula on the market and we love it! It is Certified Organic and non-GMO, which means it is made without genetically modified ingredients, synthetic pesticides, or fertilizers. It doesn’t have corn syrup or palm oil and is made with pasture-raised dairy. It’s fortified with DHA and has the same whey and casein profile as breastmilk (which is 60:40). It was started by a group of moms on a mission to change the stigma around formula while creating a product with transparent ingredients.
  2. ByHeart: A new USA made, FDA registered infant formula that is made with organic, grass-fed whole milk and we love it. It’s made with a patented protein blend that has been shown in clinical trials to get next-to-breast milk benefits including easy digestion, less spit up, and improved immune, gut, and cognitive support. It’s made without any corn syrup, GMO’s, maltodextrin, soy or palm oil, gluten, or artificial growth hormones. It’s farm to formula verified and the first formula to become Clean Label Project Certified. They really focused on reimagining infant formula so paired modern innovations of breastmilk research and nutritional science to bring a functional infant formula backed by science.
  3. Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Formula: We love that this formula is Certified Organic and doesn’t contain any added sweeteners besides lactose.
  4. Loulouka, HiPP and Lebenswert Holle: These are organic European formulas that are tolerated well by many newborns and infants. Because these brands are European, they are a much pricier option and not FDA-approved. They are organic and contain lactose as a sweetener, along with prebiotics and probiotics. Loulouka  goes beyond the European standards, is made with Swiss organic milk products, is palm oil free, very well tolerated, and contains choline added in it’s stage 1 formula. There are many different blends of HiPP, Loulouka, and Lebenswert Holle, so you will have several options when finding the right one for your baby. Lebenswert Holle has the extra benefit of being biodynamic. 
  5. Kabrita: This goat formula was well-tolerated by Hayley’s kids, so she’s a big fan. Note that this label says it is a toddler formula, so make sure to run it by your pediatrician if you intend to use it for an infant or baby. Kabrita states that the “formula meets FDA nutritional requirements for infant formula, however it has not gone through the FDA evaluation process that is required for infant formula.”

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