Tackling comparison, jealousy, and lying with Jennie Monness of @momommies

episode #33

Tackling comparison, jealousy, and lying with Jennie Monness of @momommies

Today, we are talking with Jennie Monness (@momommies), mom, early childhood educator, RIE specialist, parenting coach, and co-founder of Union Square Play. Jennie sits down with us to cover some very big topics that happen every day whether we realize it or not – comparison, jealousy, and lying. We ask Jennie for specific examples about how to notice when these things are happening, what to do and say, and how we can help our kids get out of the pattern of comparing by asking questions. We look at our own mindsets around constantly wanting to fix things for our kids and why we should rethink the little white lies we tell if we expect our kids to keep it honest. We promise you will relate to and learn so much from this episode – the convo made us rethink how we can stop jealousy and comparison in its tracks as opposed to keeping up with it. Spoiler: it’s a work in progress for all of us!

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