Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza

episode #41

Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza

This week we sit down with the parenting guru of all parenting gurus, Dr. Aliza Pressman. Rooted in her belief that there’s no one way to parent, Dr. Aliza has devoted her career to empowering all types of parents and caregivers through a framework of practical tools to help us feel good about our choices. In this episode, we pick her brain about how to handle before and after school meltdowns, self-criticism, and different parenting styles – what they mean and how to intentionally lean into our own which may be different from the way we were raised. The mom of 2, developmental psychologist, host of the Raising Good Humans podcast, and parent coach is one of those people whose knowledge and approach has the power to make us feel completely empowered and confident. Whether you’re a parent to be or have a tot or teen, you’ll leave this one empowered, calm, and confident. 

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