Ditching Diet Culture: How We Can Do Better For Our Kids

Episode #20

Ditching Diet Culture: How We Can Do Better For Our Kids

From pressure to “bounce back” after baby to not getting into photos because we’re feeling self-conscious, diet culture is so embedded and normalized in our everyday thoughts and words that it can be hard to even notice when we’re doing it. For a lot of us, it isn’t until we have kids that we realize how even the smallest, most harmless-seeming comments can make kids self-conscious and complicate how they think about food, nutrition, and body image. In this episode, Hayley opens up about her own personal struggle with an eating disorder as a teen and how she is working to break the cycle within her own family. Jess and Hayley break down what diet culture is, how it impacts our kids, and what we can all do to raise non-picky eaters who have a healthy relationship with food and with their own body.

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